Phone, web, and floor lead that is generated during your direct mail campaign is tracked in real-time via your own customized dashboard. This allows you and your team to easily monitor the status and trend of your campaign.   The dashboard keeps leads from slipping through the cracks makes follow up simple and consistent.

After witnessing the power of this system you will never do another direct mail campaign without it!

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You're not just buying mail.  Our client success team is made up of experienced automotive direct marketing professionals that ensure every detail of your campaign is optimized and structured for success.  We have a 97% client retention rate and more than 600 dealer partners trust us with their mail budget. Click on the image below to read more about our direct mail strategy.

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How Does the Lead Tracking Platform Work?


The Direct Mail sample creative kit are samples of our work that have been tested in several markets across the nation.  Local advertising regulations vary from market to market. Every campaign must comply your local state laws. Some examples on this website may not comply with the laws of a particular state and some direct mail pieces may need to be modified to comply with applicable state law.

You're in for a pleasant surprise!