iDriveMedia is an iHeartMedia partner and has executed numerous successful and result driven digital campaings Nationally and within targeted local markets. 

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By the end of 2014, Clear Channel will have had at least 18 television shows aired on networks domestically and distributed internationally in over 30 countries around the world, including franchises like the iHeartRadio Music Festival, the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Jingle Ball and the iHeartRadio Album Release Party Series with artists like Lady Gaga, One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Sir Paul McCartney.


In Outdoor, we’re leading the industry with innovative out-of-home billboards with over 1,000 digital displays across 36 markets.  Our traditional billboards number in at 55,000+ across 38 markets plus an additional 280 in airports globally. 


Our 20,000+ yearly events range from appearances in local communities all the way to the biggest event in radio every year, the iHeartRadioMusic Festival.  Last year we added the iHR Village which drew over 11,000 people with additional acts and the opportunity for brands to interact with fans in a face-to-face setting. 

In 2014, our signature events are expanding to include one each quarter beginning with the iHeartRadio Country Festival in March, followed by the iHeartRadio Music Awards in May, then the Ultimate Pool Party in Miami in June, the iHeartRadio Music Festival & Village in September, and then culminating in the multi-market Jingle Ball tour in December.

In addition, we have the iHeartRadio theaters in both NY and LA offering one of a kind experiences for fans and advertisers by providing the biggest names in entertainment in an intimate setting.


With over 840 owned and operated stations, plus relationships with over 4,000 other stations through our nationally syndicated properties, our broadcast radio platform provides the scale you need to reach a massive audience.  Our nationally syndicated personalities are some of the most influential in the media industry, including Ryan Seacrest and Steve Harvey.  On the Talk side, we have 3 of the biggest Talk Radio hosts in Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. 

Our traffic and weather network reaches 98% of commuters everyone month embedding your message within sought after content. 

You also have the ability harness that daily connection through radio on a local level.  Through our 840+ owned stations in 168 markets, we connect listeners to their community.

A partnership with iHeartRadio opens access to the leading media and entertainment company in the world.  CCM+E reaches over 245 million people with our broadcast radio assets, 141 million people a month through our outdoor assets, 84.3 million monthly users we reach through our digital properties while executing 20,000 events per year.

Cross Platform Opportunities

iHeartRadio Takeover Examples

Exclusively own the user experience with a high-impact takeover execution. Takeovers allow your brand 100% SOV and complete engagement with the consumer as the ad "takes over" a large portion of the computer screen for maximum exposure.  

Streaming Audio

The combined national and localized delivery on iHeartRadio allows for mass reach and deeper community engagement of your brand messaging, as well as local and national personality-endorsement opportunities.

Throughout iHeartRadio's live stations, streaming audio replaces on-air commercials. Your audio ad is featured during a commercial break and a varied spot length (15, 30 or 60 seconds) allows strategized delivery of your brand’s messaging. Once the audio has streamed, a customized visual companion ad allows for even further engagement.

Reach highly engaged consumers open to your brand's messaging and extend your reach through our social-marketing opportunities.

Twitter Amplify: Advertisers can align with exclusive CCM+E content and personalities via promoted tweets to the CCM+E, partner and like-minded audiences within the Twitter universe via keyword targeting.

Foursquare: Motivate fans to check in with your brand through an interactive experience with the most exciting concerts and artists in music today.


iHeartRadio users are active, engaged listeners who are always on the move. Target these key consumers by device and carrier to deliver your brand’s message wherever they go. Your messaging is deeply integrated into the iHeartRadio content that the consumer already loves and guarantees viewable impressions - your ad appears when users interact with the screen.

Video pre-roll can run in front of custom and live stations on iHeartRadio, as well as within audio and video channels on local station sites ( With a 94% completion rate, user activation and engagement are high, and video pre-roll can be targeted to your consumer. Your brand’s video can be up to 15 seconds in length with a leave-behind companion unit, or it can run with a static graphics.

Standard IAB units featured on and local-station sites can be targeted to reach your exact demographics and ideal consumers. Units can be targeted by artist, format, or user demo. 

Targeted, customized combinations of audio, video, display, mobile and takeover units across the iHeartRadio platform insure maximum brand impact.

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Targeted, customized combinations of audio, video, display, mobile and takeover units across the iHeartRadio platform insure maximum brand impact.

As the digital heart of iHeartMedia, iHeartRadio redefines how users connect to their passion for music and entertainment through four dynamic listening experiences; live stations, programmed stations, Perfect For, and shows & personalities on demand.

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