At no extra charge, Demand Local creates ads with embedded video, maps, and promotions that are specific to your dealership. Customers click through directly to your site or engage with interactive mobile expansion units. Demand Local increases engagement with mobile creative that works.

Dynamic messaging to show distance to your physical location.

Mobile Geo-Retargeting

Geo-fenced mobile ads drive engagement and foot traffic.

Target your audience where they spend the most time:

their smart phones and tablets.

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Demand Local retargets customers who have visited your business or your competitors location. Our platform will show these specific customers special messaging designed to reinforce your brand and encourage engagement with your message and site.

Reach shoppers who have recently researched your products or services on their device.

Demand Local captures your local audience with custom Geo-Fences around your dealership. We’ll target by GPS coordinates, zip codes, cities, counties, and DMAs. You tell us precisely where to target and we’ll do the rest.

  Registered Showroom Visits™

Demand Local offers one of the most precise geo-fencing technologies in the industry. We target mobile devices with customized content based on GPS location. You will reach an audience on 10,000+ smart phone apps & mobile sites.

Lets talk about your business and your advertising goals.  Advances in  mobile technology allows us to reach new audiences and target  prospects already interested in your products and services.  We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Custom Mobile Creative

Mobile Geo-Fencing

We’ll tell you when mobile devices that showed your ad physically walk into your business. From message to walk in, get tangible results that take your mobile game plan to the next level.

Drive shoppers directly into your business.

Hit your competitors on their own turf.  Use your marketing dollars more effectively by targeting

shoppers when they are in or near your competitors


Send shoppers your ad while they are physically at your competitor’s location.

It’s here. Track customers from ad views to physical business visits.


How does mobile advertising technology fit with your business or organization?

Mobile Geo-Conquesting