The national average response rate for blanket saturation mailings (mailing to everyone within a zip code) is about 2%. That rate increases to about 6.5% by utilizing ultra targeted and highly personalized variable data in your digital and print efforts.

Better data allows you to better understand your audience. 

The closer your messaging relates to the individual recipient, the higher the conversion rate.

Feel like you've been missing out on the action? 

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"We are on a mission to raise the bar and create a higher standard for personalized data in the marketing world."


Do you read ALL of your emails?  Do you open every envelope that shows up in the mailbox?

Of course not, no one does.  As consumers, we are hit with offers and all day every day.  Even marketers, who have a professional interest in them, are going to toss, ignore or delete most of the ads they receive.  It's the simple truth:

People have gotten pretty good at blocking out irrelevant messages.

How then do we get customers and prospects to pay attention to our dealership marketing messages? 

Data is the foundation of every successful digital and print campaign

Our Data Enhancement Technology Provides the Key Data We Need To appropriately Target and Maximize Prospect Engagement .

Advanced technology allow us to  present truly engaging offers that will appeal to a prospect based on their exact characteristics and interests.